Local Musicians. Local Concerts.


Here at the Oklahoma music shop we like to showcase local musicians in the Tulsa area especially if you are a fan of Live concerts Tulsa shows!  If that sounds like something that you are interested in then we would like for you to contact us so that you can see all of our upcoming shows that we have going on here at the Oklahoma music shop. Live concerts are our passion and we love to be able to show all of the local musicians that deserve to be onstage a platform to grow upon.

So if you are a fan of live music and live in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and are looking up live concerts Tulsa shows online, then please contact the Oklahoma music shop! We have a ton of local musicians that are ready to play music on stage for you at our next show. We host several live concerts every year and if you are interested in country music, punk music, rock music, or more then we believe coming to our concerts is going to be a great source of fun for you and your friends in your free time.

We are very passionate here at the Oklahoma music shop about showcasing local bands and musicians so if you want to check out our live concerts Tulsa shows then go ahead and visit our website with the link down below and see all of the performers that we have here at the Oklahoma music shop. In fact, we also have a YouTube channel and a Roku Channel with all of our live performances that we have had over time. If you know a musician and want to show them our live concerts then all you have to do is send them our YouTube channel or our website and we might be able to put them on one of our next shows!