Making Music Together – One of the main reasons why we love working with upcoming artists here at the Oklahoma Music Shop is because we are a tight-knit community here in Oklahoma that loves making music together. If you are a musician or a part of a band then we would like for you to contact us so that we might be able to put you on one of our live concerts and showcase your abilities to the Oklahoma crowd. No matter what kind of genre you are in, country music, rock music, pop music, etc. we want to help you and we want to make music with you!

The Oklahoma Music Shop loves to host all types of musicians so if you are new to making music and want to make your big break and be in front of an audience, then we believe that we can help you with that. We have a Roku channel that has thousands of views every single week that you might want to be on as well. This is all marketing for your musical talents and if you are interested in doing something like this, then we would love to help you as soon as you reach out to us.

Making music is an art and you have to love it, and we love being able to bring artists together onto one stage for a large concert viewing here at the Oklahoma Music Shop. If you want to be on our stage and if you would like your live performances to be recorded and put on YouTube and used for your own promotional advertising for your music, then contact us because we can do that for you. Big wheel digital media is one of the service providers that we use for video production and recording audio, so if you would like to also learn how you can create your own album at a low cost then we want you to contact us for that as well! Let’s make music and history together.