See Tulsa Local Musicians!

Our Live Concerts Tulsa shows are coming to your local city soon! If you live in Oklahoma and want to check out our local musicians who play live music with us here at the Oklahoma music shop and then we would love for you to look on our website and see whenever our next show will be! If that sounds like a fun time with your friends then we also would like for you to check out our YouTube channel and Roku Channel where we have all of our live performances recorded and showcased for you to view.

No matter what kind of music you are interested in we believe that our live concerts Tulsa venues are some of the most fun live music shows that you can be a part of. So if you are a music lover or play in a band, then check out more information on the Oklahoma music shop where you can be a part of a community of musicians here locally in Tulsa that play together often. In fact, we have a whole team dedicated to recording the concerts and bring them on YouTube and our Roku Channel as well. Doing this is going to help you with marketing yourself as an artist and possibly Skyrocket your visibility as a musician. If you are interested in being able to have your live performances recorded with the proper audio gear then we want you to look more into the big wheel digital media team.

 The big wheel digital media team is obsessed with producing and recording our live concert Tulsa shows with the highest quality possible. You can check out their website down below and look more into how you can get your very own music video and entire album recorded in their Studio for a reasonable cost. Contact us for more information and learn when our next live shows will be in order to be a part of them.