Local Artists & Live Events –  A lot of our local Tulsa musicians that work with the Oklahoma music shop have gone on to do great things in their musical careers, would you like to see what the Oklahoma music shop can do for your career? Then we would love for you to contact us and be a part of our next live concerts and events coming up soon! We host a wide variety of local artists in the Oklahoma scene so if you are local to the area and want to be a part of a community that grows together as musicians then we want you to contact us here at the Oklahoma music shop in order to be a part of our roster! 

  We also have a recording studio where you can produce a full-length album with music producers that have helped tons of Legends like Eric Church in our recording studio here in Tulsa. The Big Wheel Digital Media recording studio is one of the best places for you to go to whenever you are wanting to create a product that you can show labels and grow your music reach exponentially. Our producers have worked with a ton of different artists and we want to help you with becoming successful in the Oklahoma music industry.

If becoming a musician is your dream and if you want to start out as all local Tulsa musicians do and want to do it with a formula in mind with your success as the outcome, then we want you to look more into the Oklahoma music shop as soon as possible. A ton of our local artists have joined our Live Events and have gone on to do great things with their careers. We will host you and put you on our stage, as well as put you onto our Roku Channel where we have thousands of viewers every single week. Check out our local Oklahoma musicians on our website today! If this interests you then please give us a call or check out our website for any inquiries on our next concerts.